Do you dare play?

You walk through a dark street late at night. There is a different feel than normal and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Out of nowhere you meet a strange wizard with a peculiar hat. The look on his face was:

It is clear that this person is not of this place or time. The wizard is perplexed by your clothing, especially your jumper in the theme of:

The wizard explains in detail that he is part of a famous council of elders, whose reputation is said to be:

You hear footsteps behind you and turn to find an elegant looking woman with a cruel expression. She is part of a race of witches and explains, while holding you by the neck, that you have the potential to control the mystical elements. She asks you to describe your age:

The wizard, suddenly angry, hurls a ball of glowing magic towards the witch. She avoids the attack and drops you to the ground. You are helped up by a dashing:

The person who helps you up starts to play a melody on their lute. The tune lulls both the wizard and witch into a dreamlike state. The bardís music is:

The bard turns to you and explains you have a limited time in which to escape. You run, with the intention of beginning a different life somewhere else that is: